Canon’s future RF bodies

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Probably because it still sells well. Look how long they took to update the 100-400, a very popular lens...

Don't 7D2 owners just upgrade to the 90D. It is just as good at action and has 32mp so users can crop like mad with the 100-400mm. And, it has the latest tracking. The 90D is Canon's 7D2 replacement.

I think rumours started that, and it is simply not the case. I own both, and the 90D has great image quality but lacks in so many ways to the 7D2. AF speed, lower quality viewfinder, far smaller buffer with a long wait for it to clear even with a fast card, less responsive, lacking ergonomics and customisabilty, the list goes on. Once you have used both you can really see the 90D was never really a 7D2 replacement, but a nice upgrade from the 80D which I also own although I plan to give that to my daughter.

That is bad news.  Even with years of advancements that it is slower is not good.  On the store shelf the 90D looks good with the same FPS and better megapixel count.  I think Canon is only gonna offer it and never build a 7D replacement.

Have to move to a R5 + 100-500 plus teleconverter for crop like shots if you have the dollars and the 90D + 100-400mm if you don't.  I'll have the worst of both worlds with the R and the 100-400 (buy it some day).

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