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If the 7D was so popular, why hasn't Canon updated it in 6 years? I'd wager most of those folks switched to the 5D series in that time. The reality is the overlap of people who want to shoot crop and can afford high end bodies and big whites is vocal but small. I don't think Canon is dumb... if the market made sense for them to serve they would serve it.

As Bordshooter says, you obviously have no idea of the demographic the 7D2 is targeted at. The 7D2 is still selling well here in Europe, and to people who have plenty of money to afford whatever kit they want. If you did get out and about amongst this group you would see just that, people who are using £1000 RRS tripods, always the latest versions of their big whites and all driven to site in high end cars. These are either people with six figure salaries or retired folk with huge pensions. Most will have more than one body, often a 1DX and a 5D4. It simply is not about money, which is what you seem to believe. It is about having the best tool for the task. Canon have always provided that and despite advertised specs not being standout, Canon cameras have always been superb at their job, and why people will spend more money with Canon if they continue in that vein.

Well as Birdshooter said the 7D2 is still selling well, and by your data these folks have multiple bodies and no qualms about dropping five (or even six!) figures on their camera kits. Assuming the R5 has 7D grade weathersealing, why can't these folks just use one of those in crop mode? I'm sure they'd be happy to have the functionality of the 7D, 1D and 5D all in one body, which it sounds like the R5 will have.

Maybe you haven’t read the rest of the thread. As already mentioned, even if the R5 is 45mp the crop would still be only 17mp, ish. If the R5 is 40mp then we are looking at an even lower figure. If Canon were to drop an R7 which we will call it for the sake of speculation, and used the existing and new 32mp sensor I am sure loads would be happy, and Canon would have a camera I would certainly buy if it was of similar spec to the R5, just with a crop sensor. I would even guess that given the drop in MP between the possible 45mp and using a cropped 32mp sensor we could see speed boosts in areas like AF, or buffer etc. I am also sure most would be happy if that model didn’t have 8K either. The potential market for such a camera should not be underestimated. There are at least 5 people in this thread alone that would like to se such a beast, especially if the EVF is of suitable quality and speed.

I also said the 7D2 is still selling well, but Canon know that cannot continue forever. It still sells well as the price has dropped from nearly £2K at launch to half that now. There is only so far a price can drop to keep sales up. I would be happy to drop good money on a R7 if those were the specs.

You would be happy to drop good money a R7 if those were the specs? As in drop the same money the R5 costs? Isn't most of the popularity of the crop sensors due to their cheap price for slightly less specs and lower quality build. Things that a lot of people can work around if they save money. So you hope to get the R5, in a crop sensor version, for $2000 or less.

A super capable R5 clone, but with 90D sensor, would cost the same as the R5. Minus the difference in what it costs to build a FF sensor chip versus a crop sensor chip. People would just buy the R5. They would feel robbed if they paid close to R5 money but wound up with a crop RF body.

No, I would pay good money for an R7. I am sure Canon would know exactly where to price it. The popularity of the 7D2 is due to what it can do in reach limited situations. The 7D2 is built to a higher quality than most crop cameras, at least equal to a 5D series, and it needs to be. You will also see the shutter life expectancies of the 7D2 are above that of other single digit cameras. It was given a single digit name for a reason.

So why you may ask do I also own a lower model crop in that of the 90D? That for me is my macro body. It is more capable in that setup than my 5D4. The field of view at the same magnification give it advantages too, such as a slightly bigger DOF as well as more pixels on subject. It is not all about money, it is simply having the best tool for the job.

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