Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

sportyaccordy wrote:

Canon's current mount situation seems pretty wacky and fragmented but I feel like in the madness there are clear options for everybody.

Budget general shooting - EF-S or EF-M

Budget tele shooting- 7D2 + big whites

Mid range stills only shooting- FF EF DSLRs

Budget video work- any 32MP crop body

Enthusiast/pro- FF RF

A 32MP 7D3 would basically close the loop for everyone. Crop RF makes zero sense

Crop RF makes zero sense? Based on what?

EF-s will die first. EF will follow later.

There is M for those who want to go small and light and cheap, but with better IQ than phone gives.

There is FF RF for those who want the best FF IQ  and best lenses.

Crop RF makes very much sense for people who are reach limited (such as bird & wildlife shooters, current 7d2 users), who want to use the best long RF lenses in the future, but prefer the "reach" and smaller file size over FF advantages. And why spend money on very expensive FF if you could have more affordable crop body that fullfills your needs?

Any M-camera can never replace 7d2, because there won't become EF-M "big whites" and EF-lenses will die. M-line is meant to be small, light and relatively cheap. "R7" would be the best successor for 7d2. There is no need for RF-s lenses, so don't worry about that.

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