No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Who cares about what Nikon is doing?

the o.p. opened that door when he brought up canikon in the first post to this thread.

it's also necessary to make certain posters understand how much better sony is with legacy compatibility.

Either way, Sony needs to worry about Canon not Nikon. Comparing Sony to Nikon.... is not a good thing, at the moment. (Hopefully Nikon will rebound).

Also, I am not sure why you get upset that people want Sony to better support their A-mount customers. Whats wrong with wanting better support, when we know Sony can do better. Its pretty shameful that they lock LA-EA3 features behind an A9 paywall.

no, sony enabled advanced focusing capabilities with the laea3/3rd-gen a7 bodies.

And when did they release firmware 2.0 (For the A7iii/A7Riii) to enable those focusing capabilities? October 2018, the same time the EOS R was released. I am sure that was just a coincidence.

a-mount has been a crippled format all along, the f/3.5 fixed aperture limit with af/video mode is absolutely ridiculous, and it has nothing to do with e-mount.

a-mount is going the way of dslrs, so get over it.

The Fixed F3.5 aperture limit is just another example of how Sony has purposefully crippled A-mount users, and users who want to migrate. They treat their oldest ILC customers with disdain.

Metabones and Sigma has more features with EF mount lenses than the Sony's LA-EA3. And even still Sony hides adapter features behind an A9 paywall, and imo its shameful.

Sony Imaging has a given and finite resource pool and they have been stretching themselves to the limit trying to push the envelope and simultaneously fill out their E-mount lens lineup to create a complete and viable platform. They are getting close to some of those goals and it has been a remarkable and sustained effort over a number of years.

A-mount lens technology has its roots in the past and A-mount lenses were not conceived or designed to do some of what Sony's new cameras and lenses are doing. It's therefore not surprising that Sony have devoted their available resources to the task at hand - building out the E-mount system that is their future, rather than helping legacy lenses to limp along a bit longer.

I have both the LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 adapters and I appreciate that they allow the use of legacy lenses for many purposes. No, they don't make old screw drive lenses complete with the latest lens designs or the most advanced AF capabilities. You expect (and, apparently, demand) that. I don't.

My point is, that Sony devoted resources to making adapters more difficult for users.  The LA-EA4 is using the A55 SLT, from 2010.   The A7Riii cant even select Manual Focus with the LA-EA3.   I mean come on.

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