Can someone give a step by step how to setup new FW 3.0 to auto start, track and exit using FN2?

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Re: Can someone give a step by step how to setup new FW 3.0 to auto start, track and exit using FN2?

I set my U3 dial to the new tracking method!

I don't usually use any tracking, but putting it on a U1/U2/U3 dial makes it fast and easy. I'm looking forward to trying it more often. I like this!

(I have U1 set to "hand-off to non-photographers": Wide Area focus, AF-S, half press shutter focusing, auto white balance. So they Just point, half press, and shoot. I use "AF-On Only" myself, but it's quite confusing for non-experienced people.)

On my new U3 settings:

F1 is set to tracking on/off. (It's still set to Metering on my usual Aperture priority setting, good.)

AF is set to AF-area mode.

Menu Custom Settings --> Autofocus --> A4 face/eye detection is set to face & eye.

Focus is set to AF-C.

Metering is set to Matrix.

I set these up with U3 on the dial. Tested it, then did: Menu button --> Setup Menu --> Save User Settings --> Save To U3 --> Save settings.


Most of the time, I use dial mode Aperture. That still has my usual AF-S, Single point focus, F1=Metering choices. Good!


Using these U3 settings:

1. No faces in the frame:

AF-On does the usual multiple boxes where the camera picks the focus points. (I have half-press shutter focusing turned off, since that's what I'm used to.)

Press F1: to turn on object tracking. Or press OK.

Now it shows a white box in the middle of the frame.

Press and hold the AF-On when the tracking subject is in the box. It turns yellow and follows the subject around the frame.

Let go of the AF-On to stop tracking and put the white box back in the middle.

It won't jump over to a face if one appears while this is doing object tracking. I have to press the F1 again (or the "-" button) to get out of this object tracking mode.

2. With Faces in the frame:

(Test it with a google "faces" image search, or a video with people.)

I don't have to press F1, it immediately shows a yellow box around a face or eye, and tracks it around the frame. Nice! It's still out of focus, I haven't pressed AF-On.

Press AF-On, it focuses on that face or eye. Hold down the AF-On to continuously focus. It'll stop focusing if I let go of AF-On.

Even when it sees faces and gets the yellow box, pressing F1 switches it to object tracking, with the white box in the center of the frame. It'll then track that object using AF-On, ignoring faces. That's good too.

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