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sportyaccordy wrote:

Canon's current mount situation seems pretty wacky and fragmented but I feel like in the madness there are clear options for everybody.

Budget general shooting - EF-S or EF-M

Budget tele shooting- 7D2 + big whites

Mid range stills only shooting- FF EF DSLRs

Budget video work- any 32MP crop body

Enthusiast/pro- FF RF

A 32MP 7D3 would basically close the loop for everyone. Crop RF makes zero sense

If you really think 7D users would be happy with an M series camera you would be very mistaken.

Those people are stuck with a 7D2

You really think that forevermore those users will be happy stay with that camera? This is a group with lots of money to spend, and any brand will want that hard earned.

There is also another thing to think about here. Canon I am sure would like people getting into photography hooked. They would like them to move up the scale lens wise and indeed body wise. We know M lenses will no work on RF. that leaves M users little migration path, or at least one that becomes expensive. Having crop bodied RF cameras, which is just a mount at the end of the day, in the lineup at entry level gives those investing in a system a clear path, just like the rebel line does today. M is a bit of a dead end proposition for those entering the game.

People are getting into photography through phones. Realistically the only reliable camera buyers are enthusiasts.

And I never bought into the whole "get FF lenses on crop for when you upgrade" thing. Maybe it's just me but I doubt too many people are buying 24-xx zooms to use on crop bodies. And if you really fall in love with the perspective of a prime on crop, you're going to have to replace it with an equivalent FL when you go FF anyway. Only real carryover is for telephoto lenses.............. which comes back to my original suggestion of sticking with EF glass if you are budget constrained and using whichever body, EF, M or RF, makes the most sense for your overall needs.

It is not about being budget constrained, it is about making sensible buying decisions. There is a market that Canon have enjoyed tapping into for a long time. The high end crop bodies have been very popular and made a lot of money for Canon. I can guarantee you, I for one will never buy an M body, my dealer doesn’t even stock them for a start.

For most of us it is about having the right tool for the job, and currently in Canon that is the 7D2.  No matter how capable the 1DX3 is, it is not the right tool for many of us. For macro it is just too heavy, and crop also has advantages there. For a walkabout wildlife camera again it is too heavy to lug around with a 600 attached. A crop of similar capabilities, whatever the cost, with a 400mm makes a lot more sense. It has to have similar features, be able to take a lot of abuse. No M fits that bill, nor does the 90D. Currently I use a 90D for macro, a 7D2 for wildlife and a 5D4 for landscape. 60mm aside, all of my lenses will fit on all of those bodies. The would not be possible with M glass and would require carrying more kit.

we can argue about it forever, only Canon know what they will do for now. For me, being forced into a mixed setup would not work, I would end up looking at alternative brands rather than making those sorts of co promises and lugging around even more kit than I already do,

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