Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

sportyaccordy wrote:

Canon's current mount situation seems pretty wacky and fragmented but I feel like in the madness there are clear options for everybody.

Budget general shooting - EF-S or EF-M

Budget tele shooting- 7D2 + big whites

Mid range stills only shooting- FF EF DSLRs

Budget video work- any 32MP crop body

Enthusiast/pro- FF RF

A 32MP 7D3 would basically close the loop for everyone. Crop RF makes zero sense

If you really think 7D users would be happy with an M series camera you would be very mistaken.

There is also another thing to think about here. Canon I am sure would like people getting into photography hooked. They would like them to move up the scale lens wise and indeed body wise.  We know M lenses will no work on RF. that leaves M users little migration path, or at least one that becomes expensive. Having crop bodied RF cameras, which is just a mount at the end of the day, in the lineup at entry level gives those investing in a system a clear path, just like the rebel line does today. M is a bit of a dead end proposition for those entering the game.

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