Airbus A400M on trials

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Re: Airbus A400M on trials

Guyps wrote:

Good shots thanks for sharing

I live under the flight path of a small passenger airport in the UK and different A400Ms often fly over my house, I am assuming, to carry out landing practice as it will circle and keep repeating.

I struggled to keep the plane sharp with a slower shutter speed to show the props moving

And I thought mine was flying very near my house ! I would guess around 500m or a bit less

As for the moving props, honestly I just did not have time to think to the pictures, I mean I had roughly 1 minute to change the lens, set C-AF + sequential shooting and track the plane. So I miss the ISO setting (although the Cam did choose 200 despite quiet slot speed, which was a risk indeed), the zone AF (I was in single point). I was in fact setup for photographying the house and I'm not "Fuji fluent" so it takes too much time for me to figure out the best settings in a hurry

I hope theses Airbus will continue to visit me from time to time and get some more opportunities

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