Updating Firmware on my DP2m

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Re: Updating Firmware on my DP2m

If you didn't first format the card in the camera do so now.  Not sure it will help but it can't hurt.

Juss4Phun wrote:

Hello all,

I am new to posting on this site, but I am hitting a wall with respect to feedback from Sigma. I recently purchased a rather well maintained dp2m from eBay. When I received the camera, I noticed that it has never been updated from firmware 1.00. I went about downloading the latest (v1.05, I think?) from Sigma's website, copied it to the root directory of my SDXC media card, and placed it into my camera. The camera does not recognize the firmware on the card. I think that I may need to first update to an older firmware release, but I cannot find any working links to older firmware.

Please help if you have any suggestions.



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