Test shots with 1DX3

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Re: Test shots with 1DX3

Radek Tezaur wrote:

gimp_dad wrote:

Took a couple of shots at lunch with the new 1DX3. I happened to have my EF400/4DOII + 2x III with me. That lens combination is a tough one as it pushes the limits of aperture and IQ but here a couple of attempts.

AF speed in classical setup seems faster than the 1DX2 which is a nice to see. Haven't tried any of the automatic tracking modes yet. Just did expanded point and small group.

The 16fps has a very satisfying sound to it.

This first one was a big surprise. I don't know if I have ever seen a bald eagle here in Silicon Valley. I had heard they were starting to show up here and there but hadn't seen any nearby. Saw it from a long distance at the very top of a dead tree and literally ran the quarter mile to get close.

Just curious, where did you take the picture of the eagle? I see hawks, falcons, and vultures out in Coyote Hills, but an eagle would definitely provide some excitement.:)

Mountain View, near the bay.  First time I've ever seen one there and haven't talked with anyone else who ever saw one there either.  Would be very cool if they are taking up a nest nearby.

I've definitely seen a good amount of bald eagles further north in CA (like Shasta area) and lots of places in the northeast.  I know to people in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, they are practically like crows, but not here.

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