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The theme for this mini-challenge is: Buildings and architecture.

This Mini-Challenge begins today February 18th and will end Tuesday March 3rd at midnight.

Post your favorite shots of anything “Buildings and Architecture" Be creative and have fun!

You can post up to three images. Pictures taken with any camera are eligible.

Please state if your photo is an "Entry" or "Exhibit."

The host chooses the winners and mentions. The host’s decision is final. Remember, it’s all about fun, sharing, and learning. The winner of this challenge then hosts the next challenge, judges the winner of that one, and so on it goes. Hopefully, the winner of this challenge will post the next challenge within 48 hours. If that doesn’t happen, 2nd place will have 48 hours to do so, then it’s up to 3rd place.

Feel free to post comments on the images. If you want to save bandwidth, remove the image from your reply so you just post text. Feel free to "like" photos by clicking the thumbs-up icon. The host will make up their own mind which images best fit their topic without being influenced by that.

Examples shown below.

Steele and glass from downtown Philadelphia.

Iconic dusk scene of Philadelphia's tallest buildings.

Patriotic stacked facade's of red, white and blue.

Flat view
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