Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

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The Z50 is Nikons best selling mirrorless camera in Japan and Nikon doesn’t have any Z mount APS-C lenses.

Canon had the D30, D60 and 10D with no APS-C lenses - the first came three years later with the 300D. Another three years after that they still only had five EF-S lenses!

The problem if that if Canon makes too good an APS-C wildlife/sports offering, it could impact the sale of the R1X / 1dx III in the declining camera market.

That is something that gets said every generation. I think there will always be those that want the most expensive model Canon make, and the rest of us are happy with other FF alternatives or crop bodies depending on our needs. I would guess that most of the profit for Canon will be in glass and accessories, not the bodies. So if they can make more camera lines attractive to more people then it can only be a good move.

The one issue you are not factoring into this equation is the significant decline the overall camera market.  As markets contract, the successful companies get very focused on the best product mix to generate profit.  Product mix becomes a significant issue and companies are much more focused on where the most profit is generated and ensuring that it is maximized.  In a contracting market, the smart companies will streamline research, development, manufacturing and supply chain.  Which means they should be consolidating product lines as much as possible without impacting revenue.  In most cases, companies disrupted by new tech (iPhone) will se a significant market decline which will bottom out and then tail off for many years.  The camera market can't seem to find it's bottom and keeps declining.

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