Do you have an eye for details and resolution?

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Do you have an eye for details and resolution?

Study the crops below from three different cameras by viewing them at 100% in the DPR viewer. Then rank them from best to worst in terms of image detail and resolution. Depending on how quickly we get a reasonable number of responses, I'll reply with information about the cameras used and other relevant details you express interest in. Feel free to post comments and observations but bear in mind that I won't provide any substantive responses that might influence the poll while it's still "open".  Have fun...

Select your preferred ordering below from best to worst - e.g., if you think A is the best detailed, B is the second best and C is the worst, then pick option #1 below. Note that I didn't attempt to equalize white/color balance, so feel free to include color detail in your evaluation but don't worry about generalized differences in overall color balance such as which red in the label is more "right".

A, B, C
7.1% 14  votes
A, C, B
13.3% 26  votes
B, A, C
17.9% 35  votes
B, C, A
9.7% 19  votes
C, A, B
36.2% 71  votes
C, B, A
15.8% 31  votes
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