Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

Bhotoz wrote:

What if you have spend all your money on lenses? Maybe you cannot afford (or you don't want) to buy 5k body (R5) anymore. It takes much less time to save money on 2k crop body (R7). And if you don't need FF, it feels better to buy 3k more affordable camera, that fill your needs, right?

If you spent all your money on tele lenses, they would have to be EF lenses at this point anyway, which comes back to my original point.

And again if you are budget constrained then adapting EF glass to an EF-M body makes sense. Which again comes back to my suggestion of a 7D style EF-M body and weathersealed adapter. Then you get your high density crop sensor and tele glass you can use on any Canon body.

What's the point of weather sealed adapter, if the body itself is not weather sealed?

Yes, used EF-lenses are the most affordable way to get more reach. But not all like using adapted lenses, including me. I have many EF-lenses, 3 of my 4 longer lenses are bought used, I'm ready to swap them to RF when I get second RF body. I never adapt EF-lenses to M50.

Then use EF glass on a 7D2. It will be much cheaper and probably work as well as or at least pretty close to the mythical crop RF body for action shooting. It's weather sealed with no adapter too just as you wish. I just don't see the point in creating a whole other product line when there are several available paths that fill your needs.

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