Eye AF - Box is smaller now? More precise?

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Eye AF - Box is smaller now? More precise?

I don't have any real people here to make photos of to test, but I targeted the people on TV and if I'm not mistaken the little box for the eye AF seems smaller now (on the Z7).  Is that your experience also?

One other observation is the little box following my cat's eyes is VERY fast and jumps all over the frame wherever the cat moves.

Eye AF seems more zippy overall...assuming I'm not going crazy.  I don't use face/eye AF very much but it does seem faster and the box looks smaller than before.  Is that your experience also?   Remember, people were complaining about the accuracy and size of the eye AF box in the past, so maybe they made it smaller now?  It sure seems like it.

Give me a full report

OH!...and the AF tracking operation is super easy now and totally intuitive after you press OK just ONE TIME to get the box on the screen, then you can track and UNtrack super easy just by pressing the AF On button of half press shutter (if you still allow AF on your shutter button).

I believe the ONLY reason you need to press the OK button is because Nikon has combined the auto area AF and the tracking AF into one area mode, whereas Sony gives you separate modes for that.  On the Sony (real time tracking), if you switch to that mode, the AF box is already on the screen and ready and it will also look for faces/eyes if you have it set that way.  Nikon decided to keep the auto area AF and tracking 'sort of' in the same mode, but to get to the tracking you just need to press OK to get the box visible, then you're ready to track.  Since they decided to use that same mode (auto area) to do the general auto area AF as well as the tracking, I think it makes sense to have it that way (need to press OK to get the box).

But honestly, how hard is it to press the OK button ONE time to be ready to track?  It's not hard.

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