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Re: Jumping from $1500 to $3500

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Now this is more wild speculation but quite interesting. I personally think the EOS R won’t get a second iteration but the RP will.

Now the R5 is official and there is strong rumors of an R6, this would make one believe these are replacing the 5D/6D line. Specs wise it’s hard to tell as I find it hard to imagine a body having better stills specs than the R5 with current technology but who knows.

The RP could work as a new ultra cheap and compact full frame line but the Original R doesn’t really fit if we do get an R1 later on as this means the R5 really is the 5DIV successor.

So does everyone think that we will see an EOS R Mark II or The RP, R6, R5 and a possible R1 will be the future for Canon?

With the R6 being the cheap $1500ish FF and the R5 being the $3500-$4000 dual card body, there is room to market a camera for those with $2500 or so for a body. Hence, the RmkII coming out with the R5 sensor, one card slot, slower FPS than the R5, and simpler controls, in the mid $2000 range.

A body for every budget.

A 12/20fps stills, 4K 60fps video body for $1500? I mean, I hope you’re right, but do you think that’s even borderline realistic? Even if we assume Canon is not going to hold anything back, a full frame body that can sustain 12fps mechanical shutter actuations costs real money to make.

Are those the features Canon said they would put in the R6 or just rumor?  I figure the R6 will be very crippled and placed under the R like the RP.  A similar camera to the 6D.  I doubt it will run the same as the R in ability or price.  I am way off if the R6 turns out to be a 1Dx replacement in mirrorless version (20fps).

So,...regardless how they position these bodies, there will be one at each price point between the DSLR line and the mirrorless line of bodies.

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