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sportyaccordy wrote:

ZX11 wrote:

I'd rather put 45mp of FF sensor on the target and adjust my framing appropriately due to the better high ISO in low light and DOF effects of full frame. Though an EOS M on an M mount 100-400mm doesn't sound bad for reach.

Doesn't sound (or based on gear list look) like you do much tele shooting. If you don't have reach and have to crop to frame how you want you're back to square one.

I am not sure the market for getting crop sensor effects on a full frame lens is there. You are wasting a lot of glass that you pay for and only using the center bit of it. If you want more reach, buy a crop sensor small body camera and a lens built for it. Then have the best of both worlds, reach and small body lens combo.

The thing is for long glass the weight/glass savings for crop vs FF are minimal, and since it's a niche market it makes no sense to make expensive L glass that can't cover a FF image circle. So there aren't any quality/fast long lenses that are crop only, unless you shoot M43, which means navigating 2 brands and completely separate systems.

That makes sense.

Is the 6mii crop sensor (or RF crop equivalent) on a 100-400mm better than an RP on a 100-400 with teleconverter. Or better than the RP on a 100-500. You get the crop in but you are also cropping in on the lens errors/glass distortion.

But if you want a big body and lens combo, then just pick the FF sensor and its FF sensor effects on a full frame lens that uses all the glass you paid for.

FF + reach = heavy and expensive.

An RP crop + RF lens reach = heavy and expensive. That is why I liked the T5i with the 55-250 STM or the 6mii with the 55-250 STM. Lower IQ but great price, weight, and reach.

Hence, customers buying an RF FF camera or an EOS M instead of a RF body/full frame lenses with a small sensor in it. I think that is Canon's marketing logic and is why they won't make an ASPC version of the RF body.

I agree. For all the talk of this need for a rugged fast crop body... the 7D2 will be 6 years old in September. With all the activity and updates Canon has made in that time, for whatever reason they haven't found justification to pull the trigger on a 7D3. So it sounds like there is very vocal but financially insignificant minority clamoring for this. If Canon couldn't do a 7D3 with the EF's huge user base there's no way they'll be able to make a crop RF body work.

Makes sense.  I don't think they will make a crop RF body.  Time will tell.

I may get a EF 100-400 or an 100-500 at the end of the year depending on how much I want shots of horses across a field.  I gave away the gear in my equipment list to a neighbor.  I should update it but don't put much stock in the list feature.  Now I use this gear though I don't reach that far.

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