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Who is the crop RF body for? Nobody is buying a crop body to buy 4 figure glass wider than 85mm or so. And people who want the reach crop bodies have to offer are probably OK with adapting EF glass. I just don't see the point.

EF glass will not last forever.

What's your timeline for said failure? There are 40-50 year old lenses still retaining pretty serious value today. Any new EF lens you buy today should last at least half that long if you take care of it.

Lenses wear out, and there comes a time when Canon no longer service them. I own a 500mm f4.5 which has a faulty AF motor and I simply cannot get it repaired here at the moment.

Canon have made it quite clear RF is their future.

Are you one of those people who hear "RF is our priority" and thinks they are shutting down EF production and support tomorrow?

Not at all, but I am also a realist in that Canon will want to concentrate on RF, much in the same way they did when EF first arrived. Will I want to invest in new EF lenses? Probably not. The 8 I currently own will hopefully last some time to come. I have actually worn a couple out over the years from heavy use. They just reached a point where it was not cost effective to repair them. Hopefully Canon will develop the RF system to accommodate the many photographers how shoot sports and wildlife as a hobby.

There are a lot of reasons why people want crop, more than just the obvious.

Can you name some, and how an RF crop body would help them over an EF-S or EF-M body?

First there is no such thing as an EF-S body, there are crop bodies that take EF and EF-S lenses. Specific examples aside, the EF-S 60 macro for many I know, most shoot EF glass on these bodies. I also have FF EF cameras for landscape. In the future I see that being replaced with an RF body and hopefully as my lenses wear out replace them with RF versions. So why would I want to then buy into a system that would require me to use adapted lenses? I am sure many feel the same.

It is obvious you are against the idea of a crop sensor in and RF body, but I honestly think it makes a lot of sense and would sell in good numbers. There are plenty of us out there that shoot wildlife and macro on the move and a crop body built to take abuse is the ideal tool. The M6II, with the silly clip on viewfinder is hardly the tool for the job.

So hopefully the future will see an RF body with a crop sensor. I could then have the same ergonomics in two bodies, one FF and one crop, can share all my lenses between them. I know many photographers here that would like the same.

I doubt Canon will make an RF crop body if the market is just current full frame RF owners that want a second body in crop form. That sounds like a teeny tiny market. People looking for one all around capable body will buy the FF RF and people looking for compact or reach will buy an EF-M mount.

Reach with M-body + EF-M 55-200mm? Sure you can also use adapted EF-lenses, but RF is the future. R7 would sell more RF 70-200 and RF 100-500 lenses.

The pixel density of the R5 + the high cost of multiple big whites = someone buying that level of glass prob won't be miffed by the price premium of the body. What's another $1000-1500 when you're already spending $5-7K on lenses alone?

And again if you are budget constrained then adapting EF glass to an EF-M body makes sense. Which again comes back to my suggestion of a 7D style EF-M body and weathersealed adapter. Then you get your high density crop sensor and tele glass you can use on any Canon body.

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