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I think that would be a terrible idea. There are so many lenses that can be adapted to RF, and loads of great RF lenses available or coming. There is very little in the M range. It makes far more sense to slap a crop sensor in an RF mount body than to bother with the M line at all. Even more sense as the RF mount can take an adapted EF-S lens too. It certainly makes for a good consolation path for Canon in the future.

Not following your logic. All the lenses that can be adapted to RF can be adapted to M. It makes no sense whatsoever for Canon to force crop shooters through 3 systems. All Canon has to do to make the M mount legit is offer 1 weathersealed prosumer body, 2.8 standard zoom, and heavier duty EF-M adapter. All the other tele glass would be adapted EF stuff... it would make no sense to make an all new set of crop RF glass and bodies.

I am not suggesting there should be new crop lenses, no point. What I am suggesting is the RF mount is capable of taking all of the current and future Canon lenses. So it becomes the perfect migration path to consolidate all lenses to the RF mount. Canon would no longer need to service four current mount systems, just one, but people can still use their old ones.

Making an RF crop is just one body, going M would mean new body, new adapter and new lenses dedicated to that system.

Who is the crop RF body for? Nobody is buying a crop body to buy 4 figure glass wider than 85mm or so. And people who want the reach crop bodies have to offer are probably OK with adapting EF glass. I just don't see the point.

EF glass will not last forever. Canon have made it quite clear RF is their future. There are a lot of reasons why people want crop, more than just the obvious.

Why buy a crop sensor now that full frame cameras are amazingly cheap?

What amazingly cheap FF mirrorless camera would you recommend for 7d2 users to shoot birds & wildlife?

The latest cheap FF RF that Canon releases when the ASPC RF body would have been released (if it was made in two years). The sub $1000 RPmkII. Or the latest EOS M.

I wouldn't recommend 7D2 users move to a cheap FF mirrorless to shoot birds and wildlife. Why downgrade? Get a EOS 5DmkIV or a 1DmkII and see the world without TV/EVF lag or refresh rates. If you want a small mirrorless because the mirror is too big, get an EOS M crop body.

Hence, Canon making EOS M line and the EOS RF line and skipping an EOS RF crop sensor body.

I went from 5d3 to R, and I've been very happy. So happy that after the R-purchase, I haven't used my 7d2 or M50 hardly any. And I want now second RF-mounted body, to replace my 7d2. It will be either R5 or R7, depends on the price and/or the availability. Or second R. It absolutely won't be 5d4, 1dXii or M6ii. I won't buy mirrored body anymore. M6ii is too small, doesn't have weather sealing, fixed viewfinder or RF-mount. However, there won't be any amazingly cheap FF body to replace 7d2, so those in budget can just hope for R7. R7 + RF 70-200 would be great combo for sports, too...

To answer your question, price vs performance in some regard is one of the reason to buy crop body, although there are also cheapish FF bodies. Some people (not bird/wildlife shooters) want also smaller and lighter lenses. Then M-system is great. That's why I also have it - when I want to go small and light. But I don't see any M-body, now or in the future, could replace 7d2, because you would have to use adapter to use appropriate lenses.

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