No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Nope there is a compromised as you already admitted, more or less. Longer FL, more compromises as nobody shoot Canon long EF lenses on R bodies in sport and wildlife except for testing purposes.

That's a limitation of the camera, not the fact that they are adapted lenses.

LOL. As I said let wait and see when R5 released that adapted lenses can shoot full 20fps with full AF/AE? I know you have a wishful thinking. Hope you will get a R5 and test then but I will not count on it

The fact that Canon supports all of their current EF lenses via adapter with full AF and AFC is a big win for Canon vs Sony, in the transitional user support department.

canon made ef-m incompatible with eos-r, that's not a win, it's a fail.

Meh. It's par for the course with Canon. They didn't want migration from EF-M and they didn't want people using EF-S lenses on EF bodies.

point is that it's par for the course for all companies to place arbitrary limits on compatibility.

constantly trying to single out sony, when sony is more compatible than canon, is rather ridiculous.

canon doesn't have crop eos-r, where is the canon milc path to ff? even Nikon has the z50 now.

Nikon doesn't have any screw-mount adapter for people migrating to z-mount.

As stated many times before, Nikon stopped using screw drive a long time ago (they never had a screw mount).

it's a screw-drive mechanism that mounts between lens and body, with no way to use it on z-mount.

never claimed that it was a lens mount.

Sony still has screw drive lenses in their lineup.

Nikon still sells brand new af-d lenses that require screw-drive, see four of 'em listed at b&h:

No. B&H still has NOS Nikon screw drive lenses available. They are not in Nikon's current catalog, which is here:

because they are nos, aka new old stock, which isn't going to be listed in the catalog.\

New old stock means that the dealer still has them new, even though the manufacturer doesn't make them anymore. The dealer bought a bunch, and either didn't sell them as quickly as they expected, or got a better deal by buying them at closeout prices and just intended to sell them slowly, as they could. Yes, they still have warranties. They're genuine Nikon lenses being sold by an authorized Nikon dealer. The fact that B&H has had them in its stock for years after Nikon discontinued them doesn't affect the warranty. They're also pointedly NOT CURRENT PRODUCT, as opposed to the Sony screw drive lenses that are currently listed in their catalog.

You can go into photo shops in San Francisco and buy NOS Sigma and Tamron lenses that haven't been made since the '90s.

nikon is still selling 'em via distributors, which is why they have a nikon warranty:

"Limited 1-Year Warranty
Limited 4-Year USA Warranty Extension with Online Registration"

if it was b&h buying up nos glass, there wouldn't be any manufacturer warranty.

Sony, on the other hand, still has a bunch of non-SAM, non-SSM, lenses, here:

yes, because sony still supports a-mount, Nikon doesn't.

that just proves my point.

Good for you.

My point was that Nikon discontinued screw drive lenses a long time ago and their current catalog is all in-lens-motor lenses. Nikon's FTZ supports their current, and even recent, lenses much better than Sony supports their current lenses with the LA-EA adapters.

Nikon owners are not happy about it:

Sure. Some Nikon owners aren't happy about it. And hope that Sony, or somebody, will offer a screw drive adapter eventually. There's still the facts that Nikon had a lot less (basically zero) recent screw drive lenses

see above...

and the functionality provided for the non screw drive lenses on their adapter is better than LA-EA3 offers on any A7 series camera for the handful of lenses it supports.

1) nikon shut down the v1 series line,

So? Will Sony make another RX full frame? Will Sony make another A mount camera?

2) nikon shut down the keymission cameras,

So? Will Sony make any more QX cameras? Really, who cares.

3) nikon does not support their own screw-drive af.

Yes, they do, in current FX and DX DSLR bodies. Which they still seem to be supporting and making, unlike A mount that seems to be the walking dead.

that's the history of nikon, they are willing to leave customers in the lurch.

Sorry, but I don't see it the way you do. I think Sony has done a worse job of supporting A mount owners than Nikon has done for their F mount customers. Screw drive is not nearly as important to the Nikon lens lineup as it is to the A mount lens lineup.

By the way, your other comment about Canikon providing a path from APS-C to full frame is also wrong. Nikon does, but Canon designed their APS-C DSLR mount specifically so that APS-C lenses could not be used on full frame cameras.

Look, I appreciate that you're a fan of Sony. I don't mean that in a bad way. I think a lot of people here just like to bash Sony unfairly, because they have only been making serious stills cameras about 15 years, or because they once owned a Discman, or whatever. I like Sony. I like my Sony cameras, but I don't give them a free pass on everything they do. I know that they make decisions because they feel the overall result will be best for their bottom line, but that doesn't mean I have to like them or ignore them. A lot of what they do still seems like shortsighted product management and bad cultivation of what should be a long-term customer base.

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