A bold idle thought about R6

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Re: A bold idle thought about R6

Tannin wrote:

Not a chance.

A 7D II replacement absolutely, positively requires two qualities not listed in the rumoured system:

(1) High pixel density for outstanding reach. (Traditionally, the 7D series has had class-leading pixel density. That, or something close to it, is a non-negotiable requirement for any camera in this category.)

(2) Outstanding speed and responsiveness. This is not yet possible in a mirrorless system. Notice that even for the cost-no-object 1DX II replacement, Canon selected an SLR design to achieve a lag-free viewfinder suitable for sport and action. If they knew how to make a mirrorless action camera, they would have already done it with the 1DX II replacement.

The 7D series is very similar to the 1 Series in that it always has top-of-class focus systems and handling/responsiveness, and it always has the ability to shoot fast bursts. Unllike the 1 Series, the 7D series uses a 1.6 crop and high pixel density for maximum reach.

So whatever this rumoured thing is, it isn't a 7D replacement.

I think you need to watch Fro’s autofocus review of the 1DX lll. Canon can make a mirrorless camera that can autofocus track at 20fps and it does it extremely well which voids most of your argument.

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