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Re: EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

CharlesB58 wrote:

Sherlock74 wrote:

How old is the sensor? The EVF?

How competitive is the market right now?

What was the point of the EM1X? Olympus have sold EM1X users down the river.

The Em1 mark iii is practically the same camera. Minus the bulk. Which is what the attraction to MFT is isn't it? So why bother with the EM1X?

Olympus plainly announced the reason for the EM1x, but few paid attention. It is a showcase camera, intended to demonstrate some technology that Olympus-as we have seen-can introduce into other models. It's a niche camera for those who prefer it.

I think there's a bit of confusion here between an Olympus marketing statement with the reality of the product as rightfully perceived by some. In a world where the unique proposition of m43rds is size, the Em1X seems rather odd.

It's what can be called a "technology showcase platform. Not all the features were brought down into the EM1.3. Many ask "where's the planes, trains and automobiles AF mode"?

It could very well be they decided it was useless to bring over. I haven't heard anywhere of the EM1X setting the word on fire because it can focus on planes, trains and automobiles. Interestingly enough the EM1 MKiii does level up apparently quite a bit face detection and tracking. Sure sounds *vastly* more useful.

If a photographer absolutely needs that feature, that is what the EM1x is for. "But I don't want to pay extra for that feature!". Then do without it. A working photographer who does RoI analysis will include the idea of paying extra for a feature part of the price. Heck, that's why people pay $8000 for a flagship Canon or Nikon when a prosumer model will give the same IQ and work just fine in 90% of the conditions the flagship model does.

Your comment demonstrates my point. You seem to be thinking in terms of "what does this camera do for people who want to have the latest sensor tech, while the EM1x is for people who want particular features of a camera within a system they intend on maintaining. There's nothing new to this.

Or, another way to look at this, is that the EM1X was not a so hot idea, tech marches forward and makes the EM1 MKIII a better camera possible.

In 1972 (for the Tokyo Olympics) Canon introduced High Speed F1, a very rugged 35mm slr with a fixed pellical mirror. This allowed a (then astounding) continuous speed of 9fps without mirror lock up. It was only available as special order to qualified press photographers. Canon made virtually no profit on the camera, but it gave the company a higher profile and distinct presence at the Olympics. This in turn got some pros interested in the system, as well as letting existing Canon users know the company was serious about developing professional grade cameras.

In short: if you have to ask the questions you asked, the EM1x isn't the camera for you to begin with. I think some users bought the EM1x simply because they must have a flagship camera.

But the flagship camera could very well be the EM1MKIII. 400k shutter, better face detection, better IBIS. But I think that's understandable given it came one year after the EM1X. Maybe the EM1X is all they could put together back then, and expecting low volume, keep the torch alive.

Let's see that EM1X firmware upgrade that gives back the same face detection of the EM1MKiii, and see if they follow up with the promise of firmware upgrades for it...

Questioning the purpose of an EM1X doesn't have to be necessarily "because people just don't get it, it's not for them."  It could very well be, that it's a real head scratcher in the line up after all.

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