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I think that would be a terrible idea. There are so many lenses that can be adapted to RF, and loads of great RF lenses available or coming. There is very little in the M range. It makes far more sense to slap a crop sensor in an RF mount body than to bother with the M line at all. Even more sense as the RF mount can take an adapted EF-S lens too. It certainly makes for a good consolation path for Canon in the future.

Not following your logic. All the lenses that can be adapted to RF can be adapted to M. It makes no sense whatsoever for Canon to force crop shooters through 3 systems. All Canon has to do to make the M mount legit is offer 1 weathersealed prosumer body, 2.8 standard zoom, and heavier duty EF-M adapter. All the other tele glass would be adapted EF stuff... it would make no sense to make an all new set of crop RF glass and bodies.

I am not suggesting there should be new crop lenses, no point. What I am suggesting is the RF mount is capable of taking all of the current and future Canon lenses. So it becomes the perfect migration path to consolidate all lenses to the RF mount. Canon would no longer need to service four current mount systems, just one, but people can still use their old ones.

Making an RF crop is just one body, going M would mean new body, new adapter and new lenses dedicated to that system.

Who is the crop RF body for? Nobody is buying a crop body to buy 4 figure glass wider than 85mm or so. And people who want the reach crop bodies have to offer are probably OK with adapting EF glass. I just don't see the point.

EF glass will not last forever. Canon have made it quite clear RF is their future. There are a lot of reasons why people want crop, more than just the obvious.

Why buy a crop sensor now that full frame cameras are amazingly cheap?

Hard to see a customer looking at a RP for less than $1000 and a small body EOS M on the store shelves and saying no, that they want a large body (and large lenses) small sensor camera instead of either of those.

You want big RF lenses, buy the RP or other cheap FF from Canon which make the most of all that glass area. You want small, buy the EOS M and its small lenses. Don't buy the worst combo of both of those systems. Buying the cons of both worlds.

One of my favorite combinations is the m6 II + 70-200 f4 L IS II. This is a reasonably light, compact setup that gives you decent reach with excellent IQ - much better than the M lenses can deliver. Fits very well in the hands and easy to carry. I have used my 100-400 II on the m6 II, but I wouldn't want to carry that combination all day. I carried an M5 on my last trip to Africa and plan to take the m6 II for both travel photography AND an extra backup for my 1dx II / 5d I. The M6 II looks a little odd when attached to the back of my 200-400 f4, but it can capture great photos and requires very little room in the bag. I tried out the 90d and had some issues with AF tracking, which is not an issue on the M6 II. It would be a great wildlife camera if it had an internal EVF, weather sealing and a little larger body. BTW - I don't shoot many birds, so the camera is responsive enough for most mammals.

1. Who needs crop sensor lenses, just slap a crop sensor into an RF body...

Really? We do know how people are right? Who on this forum thinks that you can give the masses a crop sensor camera with no crop sensor lenses and expect them to not complain and demand those crop sensor lenses?? The RF glass is great, why not provide it in a crop format with the reduced prices and size?? That is why canon wouldn't go down that path until they are ready for that.

2. FF is not cheap? But crop is yet cheaper, no matter what. M6II for less than 800 euros with the kit lens, is cheaper than the RP alone. Not to mention that the M6II will outpace and run circles around the RP when it comes to the reasons why people would get that camera in the first place. The actual comparison with the M6II would be the R5 and R6 and then you are likely talking about 2k+ in cost for the body alone. 
3. I started in canon with a 70D. I kept thinking about the upgrade path, I intended to buying FF lenses with this in mind... in reality I bought crop lenses, and only 1-2 FF primes because I didn't have much choice considering the options. It was no big deal, and I am glad I didn't walk around with huge FF lenses. MANY people will never ever up to FF. The upgrade "path" isn't really a path. Photography is the path, and you choose and buy based on your needs and your wallet. I own a second hand car in great condition which I bought for 2.5k. I mean literally what I have in my bag is worth way more than my car. A lot of people are not interested in spending that kind of money on photography. Many would be offended if you tried to push them to do that. 
4. I really don't get why people are offended by the EF-M line. They have the lenses on the low to mid range end. As suggested a more pro oriented body, and 1-4 sports/wildlife oriented lenses is all it needs. I mean imagine 70-200, 100-400, 200-600 lenses on the EF-M, and a weather sealed more rugged M6II with built in view finder. Heck, they just need to take the M6II internals and put it in a body like that. 
Those lenses I mention would be relatively small and lighter than FF RF glass, and likely cheaper if the EF-M lenses are taken into account. That is it, no need for anything else mainly. That is 4 products (well also a good battery grip), and you will have a MILC 7D. 
Later canon can push out a crop RF camera. You will have 2 sets of people. Those on the EF-M mount that never intend to move up to FF, but have a high end option. And those like people on DPR that will get a crop RF body with the intention of following the FF path, and may or may never follow through and get FF. And of those those that will have both RF crop and RF FF. But... you will always have those RF crop people wishing that their system could be as small as the EF-M system, and complain about canon, without realizing you can't have it both ways.

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