X100V or Xpro3 for Strret Photography

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Re: X100V or Xpro3 for Strret Photography

Truman Prevatt wrote:

Andrewcn wrote:

Well, in my case it’s because I only use the 23 and 35mm f2 lenses (currently on the x-t20). So I wondered whether the x100v plus the TCL-100 was just as good as using the xpro3 with the two f2 lenses.

My guess is one would take a not insignificant hit on IQ with a teleconverter on the 23 to get 35 vs the 35. You will also take a hit in speed since a 23 f2 with a teleconverter is no longer f2.

That's incorrect on both counts with the X100 conversion lens. It's more like a screw in front element than a real teleconverter and doesn't lose light or reduce image quality besides a tiny amount of barrel distortion.

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