Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

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Re: Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

I am sure others might explain it better but your capture device has the capabilities to capture colors outside of Adobe RGB and sRGB and this is great.  Good color management will keep your original data and map it into your viewing space and allow for image manipulation (LR and PS) in their working space then if you want to export into a smaller space in the end like sRGB your color management will do this for you but you will still preserve your original file data with your original and not the exported files.  I doubt you really will notice anything especially if you are working on a monitor that only displays sRGB but you could notice a difference if you went to print.  Even some basic printers can print some colors outside of sRGB and retaining the original data might be of a benefit.  I say might but what I think most will agree is files that have a larger color space have the potential to be processed to a greater extent without the worry if banding / posterization vs. images in a smaller color space.  Not sure if the graph below will help or not but the white wireframe is the gamut of sRGB and the color is of a epson luster paper profile that I use with one of my epson printers.  You can see that there is some saturated yellow and saturated cyan / green colors that the printer will actually print that are outside of the sRGB color space.  If the original file had colors in the larger space they would be mapped into the more saturated colors with the chosen rendering intent.

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