X100V or Xpro3 for Strret Photography

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Re: X100V or Xpro3 for Strret Photography

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I vote for X100V as the better choice. The X-Pro3's flapping screen is a non-starter IMHO.

It is a screen that was perfectly designed for street shooting, and it doesn't flap. Love it.

Personally I found it to be a terrible design, and would be a deal breaker for me. Reviewing photos on the camera is an important part of the review process and my workflow. I would hate having this on my GFX50R.

i wonder how the great photojournalist that brought WWII, Korea and Vietnam to or front pages, to the pages of Life and to the evening news ever did it without a display! Jeez you wonder how they could have existed without instant gratification. But somehow they did.

As W. Eugene Smith has said - you often only got one shot in a war zone (or else you might take a shot yourself ) and it better be good and if you were in question about exposure crank the shutter speed or aperture and take another shot. With the Fuji EC dial - that's pretty easy to do.

So how did these guy do it? They knew their camera. They didn't need a light meter to tell them the exposure. They knew the film they were shooting. No one saw the images in Smiths case until the film got back to the Ship. He better have known what he was doing. There were no "do-overs." It actually isn't that hard - learn you camera. Today we don't even need to learn the film so it is easier. I think often the "instant" feedback of today's digital cameras is more a crutch than a feature. If one takes enough shots with a given camera one can understand how the camera operates and correct accordingly without every looking at a display.

My Pro2 was very forgiving in preserving highlights. My H1 (same sensor) was also very forgiving. My Pro3 is not as forgiving and I need to crank in about -1/3 EC in many cases where I didn't with the Pro2. It could be in the sensor. I could be that Fuji has evolving the matrix metering algorithms. It doesn't matter as I don't care. It took me one time out with the Pro3 to learn that. I know it now so I don't need to look at the image since I can see in the scene and crank in EC when needed. If there is a question, move the EC dial and take another shot (about 1/4 second involved).

I find the fold up display on the Pro3 a massive improvement since it is protected. It is protected and it eliminated the idiotic view mode button and view mode merry go round which took up my time, made me deal with the camera taking time away form dealing with the subject. The less I have to deal with my camera - the more time I have to deal with and think about my subject. I don't want a camera that demands attention - I got a wife for that - I want a camera that does exactly what I say when I say. That's something my wife will never do.

You pick the wrong guy. I shoot both film and digital.

Whileh shooting digital, I found the LCD screen to be an important part of the equipment, and to me, the Fuji XPro 3 LCD design makes no sense for a modern digital camera. Fuji did not repeat the same design on the upcoming X100V and X-T4. Constraining the user not to be able readily to use the LCD screen is in my opinion a dumb concept. There is no real excuse. That's just my opinion though.

As for people seeking for constraints, shooting film is both fun and rewarding.

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