Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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Re: Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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high end sports pj's with great EF glass need OVF


Because of "EVF lag"? Nonsense. If you're a DSLR shooter, you've been anticipating and compensating for SLR shutter release lag for years.

There's an interesting thread over on the EOS R forum about, what's the point of stills photography if you can just shoot 8K all day long and pick frames from it.

there is so much wrong with that approach, it's not even funny.

and of course it would be on the eos-r forum, where they don't know what the 20fps a9 is capable of.

Correct responses include points about codecs, being able to work with RAW, and (probably) still a lot of rolling shutter artifacts. However, all of these reasons are things that will be eventually (and not that far in the future) overcome by technology. There's another paradigm shift coming in photography. I don't think I'm interested in it, but those PJs that think they must have an OVF, will be out of work if they can't embrace the change.

They will embrace the change if they must, but until then, pros typically stick with what they have/know and aren’t so wound up in enthusiast tech.

no, real photographers dump dslrs because obsolete gear fails to deliver the results that they need, see this sports workflow for example:

"...there is no scenario where I could or would do this without cameras equipped with WiFi which will EASILY transmit full res JPEG images to both a mobile phone/tablet as well as FTP.

• "Work arounds" for how a rig won't do this are not something I'm interested in. Work around means "this does not work and there is no intention for this to ever work."
• Removing an SD card from your camera and putting it into a card reader attached to your phone was really nice 5 years ago, but not in 2020.
• Some camera allow you to sync to an iPhone and then you can sift through them and pull what you want out... no good, takes too much time and is not fun.

...Not trying to be a Sony shill here, but nothing Canon or Nikon makes will do this. SnapBridge would be fine, but it only transmits a small 1600x1000 (or something very similar) which is unusable. **** poor on Nikon to not allow a full JPEG file to be transmitted and was a MAJOR reason I dumped the Nikon gear for Sony for shooting live sports."

Some like it and some don’t... personal preference. It’s that simple. Let’s see what the future brings, but for now, the 1DX lll is fabulous with more recent OVF releases.

1dxm3 is vaporware, and even if you could buy it right now, you won't be seeing a9 owners leaving for just another crippled dslr, that has the usual fail modes like horrendous blackout in the ovf, needs af fine-tuning, can't maintain 15-20fps af-c in real-world shooting, no usable electronic shutter, ancient focus motor designs, etc.

sports shooters who dumped dslrs for the a9 know those things already:

Yeah, same old rant. Heard it all before.  All of your posts are the same.

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