No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Canon and Nikon have both built an enormous customer base of DSLR users, to the extent that Sony never had in the first place. The strategy of those companies going forward cannot be the same bridge burning strategy that Sony employed. They have to move more carefully.

To be fair Canon killed FD with EF, and it looks like they've killed EF-M with RF - or if they haven't their migration strategy is exceedingly opaque

That was the genius of Sony. To use the same lens mount for both APS-C and Full-Frame.

yes, it gives the same path to ff that canikon, pentax, etc., have been using for years.

buy a crop body, use ff lenses on it, then add a ff body later.

sony of course made it more compatible than canon did with dslrs, because you generally can't use an ef-s on a ff ef-mount body, the mirror can get in the way.

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