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Nope there is a compromised as you already admitted, more or less. Longer FL, more compromises as nobody shoot Canon long EF lenses on R bodies in sport and wildlife except for testing purposes.

That's a limitation of the camera, not the fact that they are adapted lenses.

LOL. As I said let wait and see when R5 released that adapted lenses can shoot full 20fps with full AF/AE? I know you have a wishful thinking. Hope you will get a R5 and test then but I will not count on it

The fact that Canon supports all of their current EF lenses via adapter with full AF and AFC is a big win for Canon vs Sony, in the transitional user support department.

But it has compromise, more or less. Let's wait to see AF-C tracking with EF long lenses especially super-tele lenses adapted on R5. I don't believe that hype. Sooner or later Canon and Nikon also have to design and release native RF and Z long lenses to fully leverage potential of their future ML 1Dx III and D6 cameras.

Sony has constantly thrown hurdles in the way of migrating users. 3FPS, no AFC in video, 10 year old AF for the LA-EA4. In fact they only allowed for the additional AF-zones with the LA-EA3+A7iii, because they were "Forced to" by Canon.

Probably the original design limits that. I don't have any Sony A-mount history. I moved from Canon FF DSLR.

The LA-EA2 was released in 2012. At that time, the A55 AF module it used was not that old, but was still a lower end offering. The LA-EA4 was released in 2013, using the same APS-C AF module as the LA-EA2. This despite the fact that the A99 had been out for about a year. That looks quite clearly intentional that Sony did not want to make the adapters too attractive or functional. Yes, it's limited by design. Quite intentionally. Not limited by technology or even by already available components.

The bigger insult to A mount customers is that they haven't done anything new about adapters in the last seven years... other than one LA-EA3 firmware update to ensure faster functionality for some lenses on only the A9.

They also ignored legitimate bugs. To me the most glaring example is handling of AF assist flashes with the LA-EA2/4. AF assist flashes work fine with the AF modules in these adapters, but Sony's firmware disables them. It makes sense that the AF assist pattern is disabled for other situations, but the camera certainly knows when an LA-EA2 or 4 is in use and should not be disabling the AF assist in this case.

Also its shady that Sony only allows for adapted 10FPS with the A9. Whereas Sigma and Metabones can 10FPS and video AFC for many lenses on the A7iii.

I highly doubt intentionally but just limited by technology. Anyway I have replaced entire EF lenses to FE counterparts (only missing is future FE 500/4.0 GM). I strongly believe native mount lenses. The same as Canon and Nikon are also rushing out native RF and Z lenses.

I highly doubt it was anything but intentional. Just as they were suddenly able to offer additional focus zones and adapted lens Eye AF in the III models, but not before then on cameras using the same processors as their predecessors.

About the only benefit of the doubt I can throw to Sony, and I think this is the likely case, is that they maybe didn't explicitly cripple anything, but simply prioritized "good enough" functionality above the cutoff lines for each release, did a bit of extra work (like adding, enabling, maybe just testing, adapted Eye AF), but then didn't prioritize any work to backport the functionality to older cameras that probably could support it.

There are emergency situations where the ability to turn on the camera's "flashlight" for illumination could be lifesaving. All Sony or any mfr would need is a "manual" mode for that AF illumination so that it could be turned on whenever needed. It was a real downer when i discovered on an early morning foggy day, that i was unable to focus my tripod mounted camera because there was no way to get the camera to turn on its light. So these days i carry a $5 flashlight because my 2015 A7rII $3200 camera was so poorly designed. Arrgh. Why don't reviewers mention oversights like this?

The most popular cameras in my 30 person photography club are the Fuji ones. The Fuji company has a deserved reputation for supporting their customers, AFTER the sale is made with frequent firmware updates. Sony, Canon, Nikon - not so much.

How would one tell that i'm shooting my Sony next to you - well i'm the one with a flashlight duct taped to the Sony camera. Not really - just kidding.

Please note that smart phones allow one to manually turn on its flashlight whenever desired. "Real" cameras are less smart.

Disabling the on-board assist lamp with adapters is annoying, too, but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about disabling the flash-based, largely infrared, assist lamp in flashes like the HS5600(D). That lamp is very helpful for SLT AF, but the LA-EA4 doesn't get to take advantage of it.

The only Fuji I have is an S5 Pro, and I'm not, so far, thrilled, with the idea of having to find a used copy for purchase of their image editing software that requires Windows 98 or something. Other than that, it seems to be a pretty cool camera.

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