No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

sportyaccordy wrote:

SQLGuy wrote:

I highly doubt it was anything but intentional. Just as they were suddenly able to offer additional focus zones and adapted lens Eye AF in the III models, but not before then on cameras using the same processors as their predecessors.

About the only benefit of the doubt I can throw to Sony, and I think this is the likely case, is that they maybe didn't explicitly cripple anything, but simply prioritized "good enough" functionality above the cutoff lines for each release, did a bit of extra work (like adding, enabling, maybe just testing, adapted Eye AF), but then didn't prioritize any work to backport the functionality to older cameras that probably could support it.

I am guffawing at the notion that the most technologically advanced camera maker couldn't do any better than the abysmal functionality of the LA-EAx adapters.

attacking sony over something that no other company has? seriously?

nikon doesn't make screw-drive adapters, and neither does pentax, which is the ultimate definition of abysmal functionality.

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