Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

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Re: Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

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Shooting RAW it doesn't matter what your camera is set to. Monitors can display 99-100% of Adobe RGB, web is sRGB, printers can print colors outside of SRGB and even some printers can print some colors outside of Adobe RGB. What is really important is calibration and profiled devices and (managing) understanding the color workflow to get the best out of your equipment and the best representation of your images in the other spaces. Remember if you shoot jpg and sRGB once the color space is reduced down you sRGB can not go back to the larger space and retain your original colors in the larger space.

i shoot RAW only. So adobe rgb in camera set does not matter you say ?

Correct. When shooting RAW you get the full gamut. The sRGB/Adobe RGB camera setting only applies to Jpeg.

And how the camera is set up for JPEG shooting also has an effect on the in-camera histogram and preview.

will you benefit from profiling your monitor? Absolutely. Invest (and that is word I almost never use in relation to photographic equipment) in an X-Riye i1 Display Pro colorimeter.

since you shoot raw only you might also want to look into creating a custom profile for your camera as well. This is not a profile you can use in the camera but can be applied during the raw processing stage. Is it necessary? That depends on how happy you are with how your raw processing program interprets the data in your raw file. Sony (and Nikon, Canon, etc.) engineers have their ideas about color and color relationships and so do raw processing programs. Creating a profile for your camera goes a long way if not all the way towards neutralizing those two biases.

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