No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

MILC man wrote:

tqlla wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

Nope there is a compromised as you already admitted, more or less. Longer FL, more compromises as nobody shoot Canon long EF lenses on R bodies in sport and wildlife except for testing purposes.

That's a limitation of the camera, not the fact that they are adapted lenses.

LOL. As I said let wait and see when R5 released that adapted lenses can shoot full 20fps with full AF/AE? I know you have a wishful thinking. Hope you will get a R5 and test then but I will not count on it

The fact that Canon supports all of their current EF lenses via adapter with full AF and AFC is a big win for Canon vs Sony, in the transitional user support department.

canon made ef-m incompatible with eos-r, that's not a win, it's a fail.

Nikon doesn't have any screw-mount adapter for people migrating to z-mount.

Sony has constantly thrown hurdles in the way of migrating users. 3FPS, no AFC in video,

a-mount has had limitations all along, like fixed f/3.5 aperture with af in video mode... it's been well-documented, see this link from 2011:

"A65/A77: Why 3.5 aperture limit in video?"

I would have expected that a-mount owners were already aware of that.

Yeah, and it was explained as a nonsense limitation in the post you quoted, but you conveniently left that part out.

10 year old AF for the LA-EA4. In fact they only allowed for the additional AF-zones with the LA-EA3+A7iii, because they were "Forced to" by Canon.

no, canon still limits the af area size in dslrs, even with the new 1dxmk3.

why didn't canikon expand the af area with the their latest dslrs?

Your response has nothing to do with this conversation.

Also its shady that Sony only allows for adapted 10FPS with the A9. Whereas Sigma and Metabones can 10FPS and video AFC for many lenses on the A7iii.

it's more shady that Nikon totally abandoned it's own screw-drive lens owners with the z-mount milc bodies, that canon made ef-m incompatible with eos-r, etc.

It sounds like you dont know this, EOS-M is APSC and already mirrorless.

Nikon doesnt have a large contingent of current screw drive lenses, whereas 1/3 of the A-mount lenses CURRENTLY on Sony's website are screw driven.

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