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Re: 7D Mark III plus EF 400/4 DO

Steve Balcombe wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

You guys must lift weights. That lens is 4.63 lbs!! I would be monopod bound for shure but some saying they can shoot hand held with this lens. Don't get me wrong I would love to have the f4.0 lens. I currently have a 4.0lb Sigma 150-600mm but for me it is monopod only.

What's "monopod only" for one person is hand-holdable all day for another - and no, I don't work out! It's partly strength, but a lot of it is just getting used to handling it.

+1 it's a matter of getting used to it. I shot a 3.1kg prime with 1.4tc handheld for years, so the 400DOII is a fairly lightweight lens for me. I also have the Nikon 500PF, but prefer handholding the 400DOII with 1.4TC, because the weight helps stabilize. You do need to use a strap to carry though, in order to prevent fatique, but after getting used to it, the 400DOII should be a lens that you can shoot handheld, especially with its superb IS.

I find having a good shoulder strap makes a big difference, because I'm only using precious muscle power when actually shooting.

The Sigma 150-600 C is 1,830 g (which is 4.03 lb) but it's longer and more front-heavy than the 400 DO II so I would think they are probably fairly similar in terms of hand-holdability (or not).

The 100-400L II is only 1,570 g and easy to hand-hold for extended periods - I'm expecting the RF 100-500L to be fairly similar. Also it should fit in a backpack fairly easily for longer walks which is a big advantage.

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