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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

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Dexter75 wrote: ... Canon would be stupid NOT to release an APS-C R body.

The M50 is Canon's best selling mirrorless camera.

I doubt that Canon wants to mess with success, and I doubt that they want to make RF-S lenses.

The M50 is only the best selling camera in Japan. No one cares about it outside of that small country. The Z50 is Nikons best selling mirrorless camera in Japan and Nikon doesn’t have any Z mount APS-C lenses. Sony’s A mount has both APS-C and FF cameras, so does the Z mount. If Canon is serious about the R mount being their main system, they will definitely need APS-C cameras for it. No company has two separate successful mirrorless mounts going on and Canon has said they are all in on the R mount. I can pretty much guarantee the reason we have hardly seen any M mount lenses is because Canon has known for years now the R system is going to be their main system and they will eventually get to APS-C cameras and RF-S lenses. There will be an R mount APS-C sooner than later.

Some have mentioned how 7D users are all about the glass. The big white lenses, and all that. Last I checked those lenses don't come cheap. That typically means that those users then don't have to worry or bother about the FF vs crop prices. The reason to chose the 7D was size, and reach from what I gather. Considering the 7DII was a 20.2 MP camera... why is it not possible for a typical 7DII shooter to not buy a R5 and use it in crop mode for the reach if needed?? Just curious.

Well, that leaves us with around 17mp (if it is 45mp, less at 40mp) to play with. Often wildlife shooters will need to crop from the already cropped image. There is a huge market for wildlife shooters, almost all of the canon wildlife shooters I know use the 7DII and either a 1DX or 5D4. For most the 7DII is their walk around body, probably the one that gets most use. I know it is for me. The difference between 4000 pixels on a subject and 2000 is what will make many spend the money, and want a crop cameras as a result. It is all about pixels on subject at a given distance. The 32mp sensor in an R5 body (as long as the EVF is fast enough) would be a dream of a body and one which I am sure would sell in bucket loads.

Hmmm... thought a 45 MP sensor cropped would give you something more like 19.5 MP. Which is close to the 20.2MP of the 7DII.

1. FF... Take the 100-500 f4.5-7.1. With the 1.4TC and the 1.6 crop gives you and equivalent of 1120 mm FL. With the 2TC that is 1400mm.

2. M6II with any of the EF long lenses would give you reach. I don't know if canon has a proper grip for it. Anyone who would complain about the size/balance of the M6II can be a little bit more creative and get something that makes it bigger. I am not going to do the homework for people, but just a quick google search brings this up:

Yes... neither solution is a dedicated 7D in RF mount. But... the point that there are options makes it less of a priority for canon. The business fact for them is... the 7D crowd is likely smaller than the rest of their main target bases. Entry level consumers, and high level FF shooters. They are securing the high end ones first cause as the market shrinks they might be all that is left. They are also a big marketing asset. Next would be the consumers since they simply buy the most in numbers.

And there is one more thing you shouldn't miss. The only real competition for a 7D slot in mirrorless has been the sony line. And those bodies are hardly ideal if you ask me. The EF-M line is better IMO in terms of ergonomics, size and build. The M6II in a rig/cage would be great for wild life (except for having an adapter but many adapt canon to sony anyway). Sure nikon now has the Z50, but nikon is still relatively small in terms of the MILC market.
No matter what... time will tell. I think canon will consider a 7D RF mount. But it is probably lower priority. Yet another "mount" complicates things. And I don't see them doing just 7D RF crop. If they do a 7D RF crop people will be demanding for a cheaper option, and then that would step on the toes of EF-M. And it will bring in complains about RF-crop glass, etc. etc. Slippery slope.
Oh ya... what if we get a 50 ot 65 MP FF option. You can definitely crop in with that??

Unfortunately, the m6 II is not weather sealed or rugged enough for sports/wildlife photography. The external EVF is also a weak point for outdoor photography. I have the same issue with the Sony bodies. In the field, you can worry about coddling your gear. I have the m6 II and love the little guy for travel, but would never try to use it as a field camera in harsh conditions. The camera would be unusable for fast action in a sealed enclosure designed for underwater use before you go that direction.

You got me there.  It that extends my point. If canon had a more sports oriented EF-M that might meet the need

And I didn’t mean sealed enclosure. I hat wouldn’t be good for handling. But people complain about its size. If you look at the link I added it is just one of those rigs that one might use for video. Basically it adds some bulk and a bigger grip and arca bottom. But you still have all the controls exposed and accessible. Not pretty but probably balances the big whites better.

I think once canon has things fleshed our more for FF they might very well consider an RF mount crop. Sensor. But then the EF-M would be about size and the RF about performance. If they cross over to making the RF crop sensor camera small then they might phase out EF-M

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