Is this too slow for video processing?

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Re: Is this too slow for video processing?

I see no particular mention of GPU acceleration for this software, but anyway with video you are usually going to see a much more significant performance increase with the fatest CPU you can afford and a ton of fast RAM. Just make sure Magix software is rendering multithreaded or not, and get the approxpriate CPU for it:

- multithreaded: highest number of cores at the expense of working frequency
- not multithreaded: highest frequency at the expense of number of cores

You might think that today all video software is highly multithreaded and GPU accelerated, but they're not. Professional ones like Nuke are blatantly slow and monothreaded for the most part. And there is nothing more frustrating in term of computing than rendering a video with 43 cores idle and 1 working...

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