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Re: EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

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muljao wrote:

I do wonder though. A lot of people are talking about the high res mode. How many people actually print that big?

Some of us don't print at all.


Why the need for such hi res so? Genuinely curious

I typically look at images on my iPad or laptop monitor.  On the iPad you can use fingers to look at interesting details, effectively stepping closer to something like a 8' by 6' painting.  On the laptop, you have quite a reasonable sized image, given the viewing distance.

Comparing my Bayer and Foveon sensor cameras, I'd say that the resolution of colour with a Bayer sensor is a little less than half the nominal number of pixels, so a 20Mpix EM1.2 would be equivalent to a 9Mpix Foveon sensor or full colour display,  You want a degree of over sampling, so a 20Mpix EM1.2 would produce a good image on a 6Mpix display and increasing the sensor resolution would produce no visible benefits on a 6Mpix display.

So my EM1.2 produces images of excellent quality for my laptop but my A7R2 just meets my quality standard for an iPad Retina display (once you look at details).

Does that make sense?


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