Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

David M. Anglin wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

The Z50 is Nikons best selling mirrorless camera in Japan and Nikon doesn’t have any Z mount APS-C lenses.

Canon had the D30, D60 and 10D with no APS-C lenses - the first came three years later with the 300D. Another three years after that they still only had five EF-S lenses!

I don't think I have ever encountered a wildlife / bird photographer clamoring for more EF-S lenses.

I didn't say anything about wildlife, I was adding to Dexter75's point about there being no dedicated lenses for the Z50...

When I see a 7d II in the field, it usually has at least a 70-200,100-400, or big white attached.

... but since you bring up the subject, the EF-S 60 mm macro is small, light and excellent, and my 'fungus lens' for years has been the Sigma 18-50 DC which is another crop-only lens. There's more to wildlife than the stuff I do with my 600!

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