Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

thunder storm wrote:

Big question: Will the R5 give AF suitable for some true action, better than the R..... AND better than a 5Dmk4(or5)? That's more important than 8K nonsense.

Given the kind of data speeds this sensor is capable of, I wouldn't doubt it.

So does everyone think that we will see an EOS R Mark II or The RP, R6, R5 and a possible R1 will be the future for Canon?

The camera will be what Canon will call it, and the "what's in a name"-thing is speculating about specs we don't know by now.

I think Canon needs 4 full frame mirrorless models:

1. budget model (RP, competing with high end aps-c)

2. allround flagship (for now the R)

3. high res model (R5)

4. sports model (R1)

I think 2 and 3 can get combined. The R5 will be released, the R will be sold next to it for a while, and then the R will be phased out.

It is possible we will see something in between 3 and 1 after the R, but i am not sure if this can be seen as a successor of the R. The R is relatively budget just because the tech wasn't ready at release time, however, other than that as a once-flagship-model it is uncrippled. If we will see a next model fitting 2, Canon might cripple it more than the R to protect sales of 3. It might have for instance a better sensor and somewhat faster AF compared to the R, but at the same time a max shutterspeed of 1/4000th.

I think RP/R6/R5/R1 is much more likely and logical. While they don't have to exactly mirror their DSLR lineup, I can't think of too many reasons to deviate from it.  In an era of 61MP FF bodies and 100MP MF bodies I don't consider 45MP high resolution. Maybe Canon will squeeze an "RR" in there The new 32 MP sensor spread to an FF area is 82MP. That's more like it.

I like my R but I think it was rushed. I wouldn't be sad if it were canceled early to be replaced by more competitive offerings. A camera at its price point NEEDS IBIS for example. Or a damn good reason not to have it, which the R definitely doesn't.

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