No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

PWPhotography wrote:

This is entire FF market, ML+DSLR.

So you want us to believe in such short history Canon sold much more EOS R and RP than all Sony A7/A7r series combined in last 3 or 4 years? I saw many users now use Sony bodies in my recent trip to the Chilean Patagonian area, and have not seen anyone used EOS R/RP or Nikon Z7/6 but traditional DSLRs.

What does any of this have to do with your original claim that "E-mount is the most profitable area for Sigma"?

The difference is that I actually own and use CV FE 40/1.2 and CV FE 21/1.4 Nokton, plus Samyang FE 85/1.4 and Sony FE 135/1.8 GM, all very fast lenses. As I said portrait is not my main area otherwise I'd have no doubt to get Sigma FE 35/1.2 Art and 50/1.4 Art.

While you quoted and boasted Canon very expensive top portrait lenses but you actually never own any of them that is hilarious.

As on Sony system, you continue use the crippled adapted lenses on A7r II or EOS R.

On the A7R2, sure. On the R they aren't crippled. At least not by the adapter.


Sure don't play zero-sum game. We all hope they succeed.

Of course. You just hope Canon doesn't succeed as much or more than Sony

Not as you are so busy jumping back into this system after moving to Canon. Did you ever see I jumping over Canon R forum and bash Canon?

You never owned (and probably never used) Canon R, so what insights could you offer there? For example you keep saying the EF-RF adapter is "crippled"... have you ever used one? If anything, as an actual user and owner of both mounts, I am more qualified in this discussion than you

LOL. As I said let wait and see when R5 released that adapted lenses can shoot full 20fps with full AF/AE? I know you have a wishful thinking. Hope you will get a R5 and test then but I will not count on it

The A9 can't shoot adapted glass with full AF/AE at 20FPS though. They are limited to 10FPS. Aren't you supposed to be a Sony expert?

Easy layup... here you go (the G2 is actually softer than my G1 but both are easily within range or even BETTER than the GM)

DXO has different tests and seem confirmed by Lensrental indirectly via Canon and Sigma EF 24-70/2.8.

Tamron G1 on 50mp 5DsR has 24mpx while GM on 42mp A7r II has 28mpx.

Then check Lensrental test, the Tamron only has lukewarm review.

In addition, GM is the native lens that can shoot 20fps on A9 and 10fps on A7r IV with real-time AF-C tracking. What AF-C performance of adapted Tamron lens on EOS R? Any Canon sport PJs use this lens on R? While GM is widely used. In another thread you finally admitted there will be a compromise in adapted lenses now you are denying again?

Your fanaticism is so strong you can't even accept an inconvenient truth right in front of your eyes

For starters in your first link the Tamron pretty much holds its own... it's sharper at 24mm, which is arguably a more important FL for sharpness given how people use that FL, and weaker at 70mm. Your second link doesn't mention Tamron at all

What does your 1D have to do with my R? With no battery grip or grip extender the R is more comfortable than A7/A9 bodies.

By your logic big/heavy is better. While I have an opposite experience that brick 1D III caused my palm numb after holding it several hours on such big flat surface. I hand-held A9 with vertical grip several hours comfortably that still lighter/smaller than 1Dx II or 1D III.

My logic is better is better. My EOS R weighs the same as most gen 2+ FE bodies, but is way more comfortable. It's even more comfortable than them with a base grip.

All my Sony lenses, Zeiss, Tamron and Voigtlander collected at this moment have excellent optical quality, world class in respective area.

I'm sure they are and it's very important you let the world know that

Yeah that is the huge difference. As you can see I am enjoying the system I actually own and taking photos while you boasted on exotic Canon lenses that you actually don't own any of them. What's point?

Wait to see your R5 review with adapted cheapo lenses By somehow with the magic brand name, 30mp can exceed 42mp and rumored close to 40mp can surpass 61mp.

If you're scared, say you're scared.

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