Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

Dexter75 wrote:

justmeMN wrote:

Dexter75 wrote: ... Canon would be stupid NOT to release an APS-C R body.

The M50 is Canon's best selling mirrorless camera.

I doubt that Canon wants to mess with success, and I doubt that they want to make RF-S lenses.

The M50 is only the best selling camera in Japan. No one cares about it outside of that small country. The Z50 is Nikons best selling mirrorless camera in Japan and Nikon doesn’t have any Z mount APS-C lenses. Sony’s A mount has both APS-C and FF cameras, so does the Z mount. If Canon is serious about the R mount being their main system, they will definitely need APS-C cameras for it. No company has two separate successful mirrorless mounts going on and Canon has said they are all in on the R mount. I can pretty much guarantee the reason we have hardly seen any M mount lenses is because Canon has known for years now the R system is going to be their main system and they will eventually get to APS-C cameras and RF-S lenses. There will be an R mount APS-C sooner than later.

If Canon released a camera with the R5 specs but with the 32mp APS-C sensor then I along with many others I know would snap them up. For many it is about pixels on subject and speed, the R5 seems to tick the second box but not quite the first. For those of us who shoot wildlife and want to walk around with a light load, APS-C makes a lot of sense. Sure, I can walk around with a 5D4 and a 600mm. I would much rather, and do, walk around with a 7DII/100-400II as it means I get more shots in the bag. Walking 10 miles in a day with a big white, or hanging over a muddy bank getting as close to the water as possible is no easy task which is where the smaller setup earns its pay.

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