A weird Custom Modes question for my Pen F

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A weird Custom Modes question for my Pen F

I have a weird question which is bewildering the hell out of me and am hoping some more intelligent Olympus Pen F users - or Olympus geniuses - can help me out with it.

I'm a new Pen F owner (but a former Olympus user).  After getting my F, I spent some time fooling around with setting up different monochrome and/or color profiles. To be very clear about the process - first you turn the little front wheel to either the 'Mono' or 'Color' setting - and once you've done this, you toggle to bring up different screens - a color wheel, a color filter wheel, settings for highlights and shadows, etc.

Then - let's take the example of a monochrome mode - once I've set it up the way I want, I can now Save it to one of my 4 'Custom Modes' - by going to Shooting Menu 1 on the MENU - then selecting Custom Modes - and then selecting 'Assign to Custom Mode - which now allows me to assign my new specially set-up monochrome mode to any of the four possible Custom Modes: C1, C2, C3, or C4.

Everyone with me so far?  Good...because now the tricky-slash-weird part is coming.

To create a monochrome Custom Mode, I first have to turn my front dial to the Mono setting - remember?  And, to create a color Custom Mode - I must first turn my front dial to the Color setting.  Well, that's exactly what I did.  FIRST I set up two very different Mono profiles - which I then assigned to C1 and C2. THEN I switched my front dial to Color - and set up two different Color profiles - which I then assigned to C3 and C4.  Everyone with me so far?  Good....because here's the weird part---

Supposedly, if I want to access my newly created Custom Profiles, all I have to do is turn my top PASM Mode Dial to either C1, C2, C3 or C4 - and supposedly doing that will activate each of my Custom modes....right?


Because if I want to 'select' either of my monochrome modes (C1 or C2) - I FIRST have to have the front wheel set to Mono. Cause if I don't....the camera won't activate the mode!  The same is true if I try to activate either of my two specially set-up color profile modes (C3 or C4) --- I FIRST have to move the front wheel to Color - because if I don't, C3 or C4 won't turn on!

Which means, since I've set up my Custom modes for different (color or mono) profiles - I can't just turn my mode dial from C1 to C2 to C3 to C4 or back the other way - and have it work...because half the time it won't work! UNLESS and UNTIL I first move the front dial to either Mono or Color as the case may be.

So----is this the way all Pen F's work? Or is it just mine? Or am I doing something idiotically stupid since I'm a Pen F noob?

I hope someone smarter or wiser than myself can shed some light on this mystifying and weird (to me, at least) behavior. I'd love to just be able to move the PASM dial from C2 to C3 or back again depending on my shooting mode - without having to go through the extra step of first moving the front dial to change from Mono to Color or whatever --- am I living in a dreamworld?  Can it never happen?

Or is there some menu trick known only to the highest secret order of Olympus cognoscenti that some kind soul will take pity on me and reveal?

THANKS IN ADVANCE for any and all suggestions

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