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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

Dexter75 wrote:

David M. Anglin wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Said it before and I'll say it again. Those thinking Canon is packing high end specs of the R5 into a $3500 body are dreaming. That would be like the 1DX III being a $4k camera, never happening. This is how I see it...




High Megapixel R-$4k


R Flagship-$7k

The A7r IV is $3,498, I don’t think Canon can price the R5 above $4k which means $3,900.

Sure they can. The a7Riv cant shoot 12fps mechanical shutter or do 8k video. Just like their RF lenses, Canon is going to charge a hefty premium for being the only one with capabilities the others dont have.

You are correct that Canon can decide how they want to price the camera, but I don't think they will go over $4k for the following reasons:

  • The R5 appears to be a mirrorless 5d IV replacement
  • The headline 8k & 12 / 20 fps are great tag lines, but don't add a lot of practical value for a lot of users if you look at the forums. How can you use/view 8k at this time (oversample for 4k)? You see a lot of posts from folks that don't care about video AND we don't know the limits of the 8k implementation. As a wildlife shooter, I love the 12/20 FPS but the landscapes users could care less. If this is a 5d IV follow-on, it would be targeted at a broad base.
  • 1dx II introduction price was $5,999, 1dx III introduction price $6,499 for a $500 increase. The new 1dx III carries a lot of new technology and appears to be a mirrorless camera that only lacks the EVF.
  • In product development, marketing will set a target sales price / feature set based on market research AND input from engineering. They would have spec.the camera to compete with similar Sony / Nikon offerings. In addition, they would be averaging in the drag of the body for other accessories (lenses, grips, etc.). Marketing doesn't just look at the sale of a body, they factor in the overall effect on the ecosystem.
  • 5d IV introduction price $3,499, R5 introduction price $ 3,999? for a $500 increase.
  • Canon is late to the party and wants to grab market share from Sony. They want the tech in users hands to help sell more systems.
  • Canon has made progress on DR, but is probably not going to blow Sony aways. Some people (not me) may still have an issue with DR when compared to Sony.
  • Canon wants to sell lots of high priced RF lenses and you can't do that if people are not buying bodies.
  • They MIGHT price at you $4-5K number if they have limited production capacity. If marketing estimates they can sell more bodies than can be produced, they may jack up the price to control sales while maximizing revenue.
  • Price might also push into $4k if they include a CF Express card & reader in the box.

This is all WAG and we should have the pricing answer in the next couple of months. And yes, I plan to order the camera on introduction including the RF 24-105 f4 L IS, 100-500 f4.5-7.1 L IS, EF - RF adaptor, 2 extra batteries, 2 CF Express cards and grip. I like the lighter weight of the 24-105 and will stick with my 70-200 f4 L IS II adapted until I decide if I need to fill the gap. This is assuming the 100-500 is f5.6 @ 400mm with comparable AF / IQ to my 100-400 II. I will adapt my 100-400 II + extenders to the R5 if the 100-500 performance doesn't hold up.

Interesting times,


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