I'm Getting Lazy. GFX 100 Shots From Saigon

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I'm Getting Lazy. GFX 100 Shots From Saigon

We are starting week 7 of our SE Asia trip and just left Saigon where we spent a week.  We are now in Danang on a great and mostly empty beach resort.  We have been hopping Sofitels and getting absoulutely incredibe deals because they are 75% empty when normally they are full as this is high season. We are booking as we go, so I can book rooms one day out at 1/3rd the normal price, plus they always upgrade us to huge rooms the second we get there.  And I mean they upgrade us big.

The Chinese are not travelling, and that is 75% of the tourist population in SE Asia.  We of course have our eye on the virus situation, and I guess we are taking some risk by being here, but not sure about that.  We talk about it with pother travelers who are mostly from Australia,  Japan, France and Canada.  We have seen no other Americans in a while.

I got lazy in Saigon and only went out one time with the GFX 100.  The other 6 days I just shot the Q2 and I thinkI got some great shots with it....

The hotel (Sofitel Saigon) had me worried because they said there has been a rash of scooter snatches of bags and cameras by young boys working as teams in Saigon.  Saigon is so safe, but I guess the theft of the GFX 100 was a danger and the hotel security and management was actually asking me not to leave the hotel with that big camera around my neck.

I was in Saigon a week and never felt unsafe.  The Vietnamese are so nice and welcoming.  I have a good eye for security after a lifetime as a soldier and I never felt even a twinge of threat.  But I I listened to the hotel and left the big Beast in the room.

The first few shots are the best skies I have seen in 6 weeks in SE Asia.  I had not seen a cloud in 6 weeks and only murky, hazy, smoky skies.  These are from the pool deck of the Sofitel in central Saigon, District 1.  The GFX 100 has remarkable ability to shoot into the sun and lift shadows where you want.

The street shots are me standing on the street in District 3, which is a little grittier than Dstruct 1.  I was standing on a corner island with the monopod and beast out for all to grab!  Saigon has 1 million motor scooters and every human here between the ages of 8 and 99 drives one.

The temple shots are in the only Hindu temple in Saigon.  I was on a monopod.  I wish I had the tripod with me because I needed it.  I could have sht base ISO and F11.  That would have git me the needed DOF on those deep shots.  But the IBIS and monopd give me tripod-like stability up to about a third of a second I have found.  Maybe even half a second on a monopod with IBIS on.

I have some dramatic cludy skies here in Danag so I'm goiung to shoot the 100 today.

Man I wish I had brought the 250!  I at least shoulde have brought my 1.4x TC for the 100-200.  I left it at home.  I could use some reach right now.  I have seen some stuff.

But I am carrying 25 pounds of camera gear.  So enough is enough.

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