No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Believe Sigma is working on 50mm/F1.2 and 85mm/F1.2 Art as they did on the excellent 35/1.2 Art. E-mount is one of Sigma high priority and the most profitable mount while its L-mount future with Panasonic is uncertain.

You seem keen to believe convenient speculation when you can't find facts to support your views.

Sigma has FE 105/1.4 Art, FE 35/1.2 Art. Very reasonable speculation that it is working on FE 50/1.2 Art and FE 85/1.2 Art. You don't want that happening, why?

My contention is that they are only working on those lenses for Sony FE. When- and it's definitely a matter of when, not if- they crack the RF/Z protocols, those 1.2 primes will be made for those mounts as well.

Only FE? Not L? I would think L, as their own mount, and part of their consortium, would be pretty important to them, too.

They are definitely working on L too. L is the "priority", but I see that being about as viable as the last Sigma mount. They are going to push those lens designs to every mount they can sell to.

Really? Between Leica and Panasonic you don't see L doing any better than SA? Seems like Panasonic is already doing pretty well with their S1 lineup.

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