No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

sportyaccordy wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

Believe Sigma is working on 50mm/F1.2 and 85mm/F1.2 Art as they did on the excellent 35/1.2 Art. E-mount is one of Sigma high priority and the most profitable mount while its L-mount future with Panasonic is uncertain.

You seem keen to believe convenient speculation when you can't find facts to support your views.

Sigma has FE 105/1.4 Art, FE 35/1.2 Art.  Very reasonable speculation that it is working on FE 50/1.2 Art and FE 85/1.2 Art.  You don't want that happening, why?

What makes you "believe" Canon isn't working to port those 1.2 lenses to RF and Z mount? AFAIK they have no exclusivity deal with Sony....

Personally since portrait is not my main area, so I don't care much f1.2 lenses as f1.4 is sufficient in my needs.  You talk lots but yourself have acquired RF F1.2 portrait lenses, which one?

so I "believe" it is only a matter of time before all FF MILCs have access to those lenses. Sigma makes glass for EF-M and even made glass for Pentax and Sony A mount for Christ's sakes.... there's no way they are stopping at Sony and L mount.

It's difficult that Canon and Nikon have either authorized Sigma and Tamron to work on RF and Z mount lenses, or Sigma has to take time and effort to reverse-engineer the mount that no guaranteed in future compatibility as happened to EF and F mounts.  It will take while for Sigma to port Art lenses to RF and Z mounts.

But at least Sigma offers alternative to OEM lenses, as good as but much cheaper.

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