No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

Paniolo M wrote:

Jonneymendoza2 wrote:

As in, bothered to produce a bigger upgrade spec on the A9mk2!!

BOth the D6/1dx3 are a let down spec-wise!

I cant blame sony for just doing small updates on it as they probably knew the 1x3/d6 would barely be a upgrade to the previous version of those cameras(which the original A9 already blew away)

1DXIII > a9 II

Have you ever shot with electronic shutter of fast moving objects and/or under artificial light?

The silent shutter of the A9(ii) is fantastic and reason to never go back to DSLRs or else for _me_.

Nevertheless, I am pretty brand agnostic and used Canon and Nikon in the past. I liked Nikon's AF much better than Canon's (comparing D5/1dxii or D850/D750/5div) when I used them at weddings, but realised the potential in DPAF and am interested to see what Canon manages to do in a R5. I think Sony to be still ahead then, since I cannot imagine the R5 to surpass the just introduced 1dxiii or come up with a stacked sensor. Would be a big surprise to catch up to the worlds leader in sensors all of a sudden.

My guess is they have 12fps CAF with tracking and small blackout. But that should be sufficient for most. You rarely need more anyway. It will likely give Canon a nice competitive body. If it surpasses everything however, I might try it

But it shouldn't have a price of 9990$ as depicted here:

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