Is 2 years a short life for a printer like this ? Canon Pro-1000 Fully Dead.

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Re: Is 2 years a short life for a printer like this ? Canon Pro-1000 Fully Dead.

mujana wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

A voltage spike is the best explanation I've heard yet as to why your printer failed so early and after so little usage. I've lost quite a few items over the years because of not having adequate protection, most recently a 9800 and 7800 within a few weeks of each other after some drunken idiot took out my power pole and the resulting outage overwhelmed my surge protector blowing out one printer immediately and weakening the other where it died a few weeks later. I now no longer trust surge protectors for anything and have all my equipment protected by a UPS.

Sorry you had such losses (been there, it hurts!) but you are confusing things a bit. FWIW outside of that drunken idiot, the real problem you encountered was at your panel, where the breaker(s) obviously did not do their job when the pole got hit and the power went out. I would definitely recommend you have your main panel and all the breakers checked out.

In fact I think I will now add that to my recommendations to anyone who wants to get into printing. If you don't have a UPS protecting it then expect it to be destroyed eventually by a voltage spike.

True BUT a UPS is basically an enclosure for a couple of long-life, small car-type lead-acid batteries inside. The cheap ones are not enough and for real protection you absolutely need to spend your money wisely on a unit that also offers high-quality, quick-reacting surge protection, line-conditioning AND the even-more important AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation.)

For example, the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD I bought over 5 years ago has been running non-stop and given me tremendous peace of mind.

That seems the only reasonable explanation to me too. Voltage spike.

Not necessarily. I actually experienced the same incident as Mike thanks to a moron who was texting while driving his boss' big truck and mowed down a nearby big power pole that feeds a whole neighborhood. When the utility finally replaced the pole and turned the power back on, it first came in as a big brownout (super-low voltage) that just killed a bunch of my neighbors' electronics and even some newer appliances. Had I not had those UPS units with AVR I would have been in the same (very unhappy) situation.

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