Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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Re: Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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So we finally have it .

A real technology competition.

  • new developed (40 MP ??) sensor - maybe higher DR and less noise?
  • PRO features
    • dual slot memory
    • 20 fps silent shooting
  • higher end video features

I am happy for the Canon fans we'll have finally the first interesting MILC form competition for the Sony A7R IV and A9 II

I know - there will be lots of sentiment and personal view - i view it as good competition and finally a statement to take MILCs seriously.

Personally I won't switch back to Canon - too late and too little. Now the important question: What will be the price?

What do you guys think?

I can still switch. All I have is a Batis 85mm and adapted lenses. Sonys weak support for the A-mount lenses, means I have little incentive to stay.

What I would be interested in is, how good is the AF, and how bad is the banding/distortion looks using the silent shutter.

We all have different situations. I moved from Canon FF DSLRs, no any Sony A-mount history.

  1. I found no reason to switch back if all spec of this R5 is true and work fine.
  2. Still don't know if Canon captures up DR that is a huge part?
  3. Still don't know how its AF-C tracking work? Until now, not as good as A7r-series, no mention A9-series.
  4. I have all lenses needed from Sony, Sigma, Tamron, Voigtlander, Zeiss. I don't have much desire for those super-fast f1.2 portrait lenses or gimmick 28-70/2.0 zoom. There are no Sigma Art, Tamron, Voigtlander and Loxia lenses on RF mount yet.
  5. I don't shoot video so far, and in tradition Sony is a leader in video not Canon.

8k will be about extracting decisive moment photos

Let's wait and see, until then just tons of hype.

the sleeping giant has awoken - RF glass is world class - I have the RF 24-105 L - and it sounds like they have the R5 to make them sing

Let's wait to see if Canon can capture up DR in the new sensor and its DPAF can match Sony AI-based real-time AF-C in A9/II and A7r IV? I'd not hold breath.

Let's see if Sony takes DPReview's advice and copies Canon/Fuji colors in new bodies.

LOL, colors are very personal subjective. I have no issue with Sony colors especially in landscape that I prefer over my old Canon's one. Canon is very good in portrait skin tone nevertheless.

Since I replaced original EF 24-105L IS with EF 24-70L/2.8 II years ago, I never return to super zoom.

I was never impressed with version 1 or 2 of Canon's 24-105. I am impressed with Canon's RF version - Dustin Abbott says best ever made. Nano focus, 5 stop IS, sharp across the frame and a control ring that I assign to change EC

Longer FL range, more compromise. Technically a 24-70/2.8 should be better in optical performance, plus one-stop faster.

I have Tamron FE 28-75/2.8 that is one-stop faster but lighter/smaller and I don't miss 24mm FL

ouch - you mention it so I know it hurts not to have 24 mm -- I live at 24 mm

As I said I never miss 24mm FL as I also carry FE 16-35 GM and CV 21/1.4 Nokton. Actually FE 16-35 GM default on A7r IV, Tarmon 28-75 default on A7r III as I also carry two bodies if not 3 occasionally as I just did again in recent the Torres del Paine NP trip .

at all as I also carry terrific FE 16-35/2.8 GM.

well instead the canon has the great RF 15-35 IS and the great 2.3 LBS RF 70-200 IS - cutting an entire 1 ILB off of the sony version

the three to carry - RF 15-35 IS, RF 24-105 IS and RF 70-200 IS

RF 15-35L IS weighted 840g while FE 16-35 GM 680g, 160g difference.

RF 24-105L IS 700g, Tamrom FE 28-75 550g, 150g difference.

RF 70-200L IS 1070g that cannot use TCs, right? While FE 70-200 GM can use both TCs. The forthcoming Tamron FE 70-180/2.8, 815 g, the difference is 255g.

Added together, the difference between your trio vs my trio will be whopping 565g, that is quite substantial

The new Sigma FE 24-70/2.8 Art seems wonderful.

Canon does DLO and other lens adjustments in camera with canon lenses - many users like me are taking many photos SOOC

Sony also does the same in camera lens compensation. Personally I don't use as I only shoot RAW and only use Lr lens' profile. I don't shoot OOC JPEG, therefore your color argument is also invalid as you always can adjust in software with respective profiles.

Sony, Sigma, Zeiss, Voigtlander (CV) and Tamron lenses are also excellent. You can check what FE lenses I have collected and many don't have RF counterparts yet. Sony 135/1.8 GM blows EF 135L out of water for example.

look for Canon's RF answer this year - 9 lenses coming out

Sony has 3 years in advance. Plus third party support as E-mount is open while RF and Z mount are proprietary. Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron, Voigtlander, Samyang...contribute more and more FE lenses.

Sigma FE 35/1.2 Art is world class also and believe Sigma (and Sony as well) is working on 50/1.2 and 85/1.2 Art lenses.

Canon's RF versions are world class

Same as Sony GM lenses. Maybe we have different definition of 'world class'.

Personally f1.4 lenses are more than enough to me. But I have fast MF lenses such as CV 21/1.4, CV 40/1.2 Nokton, Loxia 85 that have characters better than those EF and RF lenses while still in relative small/light format.

I'm not into manual focus

I prefer MF in landscape.

Plus native long lenses, FE 100-400 GM and FE 200-600G while waiting FE 500/40 GM. The rumored RF 100-500/4.5-7.1 although likely will be small/lighter but so slow at 500mm side @ F7.1 that is deal breaker to many especially with TCs.

but at 400 mm we don't know if it is f5.6

Wishful thinking.

I have carried FE 100-400 GM into bunch of trips and used as even landscape lens which is much lighter than EF 100-400L IS II that I owned briefly.

but if the RF 100-500 is f5.6 at 400mm - isn't that a good thing?

How aperture suddenly and sharply drop from 400/5.6 to 500/7.1?

I carry FE 100-400 GM more and more into even landscape type photos, as again in the Torres del Paine NP trip. Supposedly that trip should also go to the Antarctica but due to fiasco it was cancelled and I will go there again by taking cruise directly at Ushuaia, Argentina in one year. I found FE 100-400 GM is so useful. It's not that big/heavy but in a very useful FL range, very sharp and also compatible to both TCs.

Then FE 200-600 G will be used in wildlife, safari, birding type photos. But I will keep an eye on future FE 500 GM that has the best balance of 400/2.8 and 600/4.0 regarding reach and size/weight. So far Canon and Nikon have no super-tele lenses in their respective ML lens roadmap as they still want you to buy DSLRs for that purposes. Too bad two systems, two mounts (Canon has even 3rd mount in its APS-C ML, EOS-M ) while Sony has only one mount one system for all purposes.

Plus DR and resolution difference.  Until now Sony sensors' DR are much better than Canon that is a critical factor to me.  Also I have already enjoyed 42mp from A7r II and A7r III in years while this R5 only rumored to 40mp?  Then my A7r IV has 61mp and still can shoot 10fps via mechanical or e-shutter and have deep 65 RAW buffer with the world-class real-time AF-C tracking.   Wait and see how this R5 performs in DR, AF-C tracking, buffer depth etc.  I'd not hold breath on such hype.

But competition is great that will push Sony returns to innovation again. I could imagine will replace current A7r III and A9 with future A9 III or future A7r V to team with A7r IV in next two years

didn't you just get 1dx mark iii ?

LOL, you are kidding I buried my Canon cameras in sand years ago, there is no return path to outdated DSLRs. I have carried A9 into even several landscape orientated trips as 2nd or even 3rd camera. Could not imagine any Canikon owners would bring their 1Dx II or D5 in similar way.

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