Replacement for Canon 60D?

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Replacement for Canon 60D?

My wife had her 60D since 2012. She has the Canon 18-55, but because she wanted more focal length, I bought her the (heavier) 15-85. She also has one or two primes, but she rarely/never uses them.

We travel a lot, so the weight of her combo (around 1200g) is bothering her, so we're weighing our options.

  1. Get another lighter lens for her 60D with similar range. Will shave of maybe 200g off
  2. Replace the 60D with another DSLR. Weight savings doubtful, I don't think that's a good investment
  3. Switch to a compact camera. Lighter option, but handling will be very different - we both doubt she will be happy with that in the long run
  4. Go mirrorless. I have a Olympus OMD E-M10 II. She would need some time to get used to the EVF (hopefully). When using my camera, she says it looks weird - which I totally get, EVF is not for everybody.

The obviously easiest solution is to have one camera for the both of us, but that's not ideal. Photography is both our hobby and to have to wait for the camera to become available and to change settings to my/her preference all the time is not something we want.

What path would you recommend? My wife prefers the handling of a DLSR/DLSM vs. a compact camera, but she's not really into complex options, so mainly she is using automatic mode. Changing lenses is also something that she probably won't do (a lot).

Any advice? What would be a good counterpart to the 60D in the DLSM market?
Cost is secondary for now, I just want to know our options.


Canon EOS 60D Olympus OM-D E-M10
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