7D Mark III plus EF 400/4 DO

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Re: 7D Mark III plus EF 400/4 DO

RDM5546 wrote:

The R5 though only changes views every frame (12fps) so you are a bird in flight flying right at you at high speed (like a low flying duck) would on be seen in twelve different locations every second. The image of the duck is jerky making exact tracking a little more difficult.

You state that as fact, but I don't think we have any information about the viewfinder, do we? Nor about the sensor technology which is also crucial to this.

The Sony A9 has an uninterrupted viewfinder display in electronic shutter mode, and while I've never used one in a real world situation I have had a demo and it's very impressive. The A9II, which I've not yet tried out, maintains a 60 fps uninterrupted viewfinder display while shooting, again in electronic shutter mode. I don't know how well it performs in mechanical shutter mode - maybe someone can fill in the detail on this?

Hopefully Canon will have achieved something similar - if not that would be a big disappointment given the fanfare around the R5.

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